Overlock stitch

Overlock stitch

Overlock stitch hand sewing is a variation of the Blanket stitch. Visually, it might look like a Closed blanket stitch, but the embroidery technique differs. Besides that, the back side of these two stitches looks different.

This stitch is called Overlock stitch because the stitch looks like the one made with an overlock sewing machine used for finishing the edges of the garments.

Other names of the stitch

Overlock stitch hand sewing is also called a Merrow stitch or Overlocking stitch.

Overlock stitch hand sewing front and back viewOverlock stitch hand sewing front and back view

Applications of the Overlock stitch

Overlock stitch hand sewing is a decorative and secure way to finish the edges of blankets, garments, or home textiles. You can often see vintage blankets with the edges of the Overlock stitch.

Besides the edging, you can use this stitch for border designs or decorative outlines in hand embroidery projects.

How to embroider Overlock stitch by hand

Overlock stitch hand sewing step by stepOverlock stitch hand sewing step by step

  • To embroider an Overlock stitch by hand, you must use a double thread and knot both ends of the thread together.
  • Mark two parallel lines (or one line below the edge you want to secure).
  • Push the needle up on the top line and stitch to the line marked below. Come up on the upper mark and pass the needle between the threads. This will form a triangle. Be careful not to pass the needle in the middle of the thread.
  • Pull the thread to tighten the loop.
  • Make one more stitch and pass the needle between the treads.
  • Repeat until the edging is finished.

More variations of the Blanket stitch

Video tutorial

If you are a visual learner, watch a video tutorial below or on the Practical Embroidery YouTube channel.

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